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Bio Dynamic’s objective is for zero to landfill for their waste food customers and for the site which sits within a designated recycling/waste treatment zone on Colwick Industrial Estate in Nottingham. Our team has a passion for recycling and green energy production and is one of the few independently run companies in this industry. Quite uniquely, this facility attained planning permission without a single objection and went from demolition to commissioning in less than 10 months, typically half the time of others in this field. Without the luxury of a large budget of bigger operators, the plant was designed and project managed totally in-house. The East Midlands Biogas Centre is surrounded by many well-known waste companies such as Veolia, Biffa, Wastecycle, and food processing plants such as Armitage Pet Foods, which can feed their food waste directly into Bio Dynamic. This reduces the carbon footprint for many local companies and reflects our ethos of being green and sustainable.

The Future

As the East Midlands Biogas Centre develops, the possibilities for becoming even more environmentally sustainable are very exciting. The plant is next to both the River Trent and a railway line offering the options of bringing waste to the plant by barge and/or train and taking the organic fertiliser away also by barge for example – possibly direct to farm land.

Nottingham’s first and only food waste AD

Bio Dynamic is aiming to put the East Midlands firmly on the map. With ambitious expansion plans we hope to create more energy and more jobs for the local community now and for future generations. Watch this space!

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